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The Wild Untamed

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Performance & Events

Amazing aerial performances!

TWU provides high quality, unique entertainment with a twist!

Whether you are looking for a short one-song act or a full-on show – we got you!

Aerial Performances and Burlesque to spice up any event – sit back and enjoy as we dazzle you with daring feats and sexy treats.

Take your next event to the next level with an Aerial, Burlesque, Circus Performance! 

*We have a portable indoor/outdoor rig suitable for low-to-the-ground, low-impact solo performances and workshops. Please let us know if you have a building, structure, tree, etc., suitable for rigging higher, more advanced, epic performances! You may even like a doubles act!

We love sharing our passion for Aerial, Circus & Burlesque just as much as audiences love watching us!

We have a collection of pre-made routines ready for your delight and are constantly working on new acts to shock, inspire, wow, and entertain.

If you have a specific theme in mind, we’d love to hear your ideas and see what we can do!

Choose from acts such as:

FiFi OH! Aerial & Burlesque

The Sinerella’s Burlesque Dance Troupe 

The Boy Buffet – Boylesque

Circus Prop Play (Juggling, Poi, Fans, Hula Hoops, Clubs, Cyr Wheel, Diablo & More!)  

Fire Shows & More!


Let us entertain you!