The Wild Untamed

The Wild Untamed

Celebrating All That We Are

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Tuesdays 5:30pm to 6:30pm
Otaika Valley Hall, Whangarei

Burlesque is a wonderful outlet to explore one’s sensual self, gain confidence, get creative & make beautiful bonds with like-minded women.

I’ve been doing Burlesque since before I even knew what it was! It gives me the warm n’ fuzzies to share my love for dancing and my joy of empowering others to feel fab in their skin. 

Our classes are fully inclusive, highly supportive and a barrel of laughs. I love seeing my girls grow in confidence, often going from “I’ll never take my kit off!” to “I want to do a solo performance and strip down to tassels!!”

Although most of my dancers experience a massive transformation in self-worth & confidence, there is zero pressure to take your clothes off or do anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. 

For those wishing, opportunities to perform with our dance troupe, The Sinerella’s is always an option!

We dare you to join us and NOT have a blast! We welcome newbies with open arms in our judgement free, uplifting, empowering, celebration of all our beautiful body’s! No matter your age, size, shape, gender (yep – we cater for male’s and non-binary) WE WANT YOU!

Burlesque blocks typically run over 6-weeks (unless stated otherwise) whereby we will learn a FULL DANCE CHOREOGRAPHY! Don’t worry, we take it slowly and go step-by-step, breaking the song down into small bite-size pieces. Each week we film our progress and share in our private chat so that you can watch/practice at home in your own time. Often we have opportunities to perform and I will let you know in advance about any upcoming opportunities!

Do it for fun! Do it for YOU!

Empowering women to feel great about themselves!
So much more than just taking your clothes off!
New 6 week burlesque dance block starting soon!
Celebrating all that we are!


6 week Burlesque Block – $90

Casual (not recommended) – $20

Special One-Off Workshop – $25 p/p or $40 for 2!

Private – $75 – $100*

*1 hour

Cost depends on your needs

Not including travel/hall hire (if needed)