We cater for all shapes & sizes
Go at your own pace and work as soft or hard as you like!

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The benefits of being active are bountiful; increased overall health, improved brain power, weight management, better sleep, reduced risk of disease, enhanced flexibility, more energy, fitter and stronger, proper posture, better balance… I could go on and on!

Our fitness classes are specially designed for aerialists – though are suitable for ALL! You go at your level, whether that’s slow and gentle or pushing yourself to the max – it’s up to you!

I provide variations of the moves and we work to a timer so there’s no competing with others in the class, just you doing you!


We start with a gentle full-body stretch then proceed to 3 sets of 5 exercises focussing on specific parts of the body. We work with a mix of cardio, strength training, and flexibility. We always finish with a self-loving stretch to ensure full recovery of your body.