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Kid's Party & Entertainment!

Fun for kids of all ages!
Party's for boys and girls of all ages

Treat your child to a super special, super fun, super spectacular… CIRCUS PARTY!! 

Available for ALL AGES – you can choose between Lyra Hoop and Aerial Silks and watch the little ones be amazed by what they can achieve!! 

You may also add any one* of the following circus toys:

  • Giant Bubbles!
  • Hula Hoop!
  • Diablo!
  • Flower Sticks!
  • Poi!
  • Juggling!

What theme would you like… Circus? Unicorn? Superhero? It’s totally up to you (within reason!) so please contact us to check!

We start our parties dressed in your chosen theme with a Mini-Show for your entertainment, showing you some cool skills on your selected circus toys that you and/or your children could do – should you choose to continue learning with us 🙂

We play a fun warm-up game before introducing the main attractions and start making magical memories! 

Kid’s have an absolute ball with our Circus Party Packages. Engaging in aerial arts and circus play is not just a lot of fun (for the grown-ups too!) there are heaps of fantastic benefits, like:

  • Improves Focus & Attention
  • Increases Mindfulness
  • Develops Better Balance
  • Builds Strength
  • Boosts Confidence
  • Promotes Healthy Brain
  • Improves Motor Skills
  • Calming Sensory Experience
We like to round the party up by gathering the clan and taking a group photo of everyone holding their props – and inevitably grinning like crazy! Followed by a quiet, calming cool-down game and finally a round of “Happy Birthday To You!” for the birthday human!
Let us entertain you with an unforgettable experience that you and your little monkeys, fairies, and munchkins will LOVE!
*Please see pricing below for the number of activities per party 🙂


1 hour/2 activities – $250*

1.5 hours/3 activities – $300*

2 hours/4 activities – $350*

*Set price is for 10 children, $5 per additional child

Not including travel costs/hall hire fee (if needed)

For the best birthday EVER!