The Wild Untamed

The Wild Untamed

Celebrating All That We Are

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Your Instructor & Performer... Sophie aka FiFi OH!

Your instructor and performer Sophie is dedicated to bring you the best classes & shows!

Entertainer, Performer, Instructor & Coach, Sophie has over 15 years of experience working with both children and adults in a variety of environments. She thrives on motivating herself and others to challenge beliefs and venture beyond the comfort zone~ to where the magic happens! Passionate about empowering oneself and embracing the body, Sophie co-created The Wild Untamed as a platform to “Celebrate All That We Are!”

TWU started running online yoga, dance & fitness classes during the lockdowns in 2021 and grew into a thriving business holding 10 hours of live classes a week. Due to losing our building* we are now primarily focused on teaching Burlesque & Yoga as well as taking our performances on tour around Northland! 

We just delivered 3 sell-out shows in the past 3 months and are excited about the opportunities for teaching & performing in 2023!

Sophie is about to embark on a 2-year diploma in Dance Therapy and is excited to start implementing the psychotherapeutic use of movement to promote emotional, social, cognitive, and physical integration of the individual, for the purpose of improving health and well-being.

“I love to make people feel good about themselves. Whether that’s unlocking a skill they thought impossible, conquering a fear, owning their sensuality, or simply providing laughter release through one of my peculiar performances as my alter ego, FiFi Oh!” – Sophie

*If you can help us find a new space – get in touch! Thank you!