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The Wild Untamed

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The Sinerella's

Opportunity to dance with our Burlesque Troupe!
Hire one - hire all!

About Us...

The Sinerella’s started in 2019 and has helped to empower so many women of all ages, shapes & sizes over the years. 

Burlesque is a great way to meet like-minded women and build lasting friendships with a supportive network. We love to build each other up!!
Furthermore, dancing with us is a fun cardio workout where you’ll sweat and even build stamina, endurance, and muscle toning. Plus, learning choreography helps you to improve coordination, balance, memory, and body confidence!!
There are so many wonderful benefits to being a Sinerella…
1. Learn something new!
2. Feel sexier in your skin!
3. Make new friends!
4. Chanel your creativity!
5. Exercise in a fun and unique way!

We welcome newbies to join our dance troupe and encourage ladies to try performing at least once… though we all know how addictive it can be!

Hire Us!

You can hire us for your next special event – add some va-va-voom to your next event and invite the Sinerella’s along!

Dancing, prancing, posing, games, performances, photos, jelly wrestling, and more, we are sure to get the party started!

Group, duo, and solo acts are available – please contact us to find out more.

Dancing, posing, performing, jelly wrestling and more!
You can be a Sinerella dancer!

Dance With Us!

Feel like giving it a whirl? Join us for our next Burlesque Dance Block and see what it’s like! The Sinerella’s are a welcoming bunch of femmes who can’t wait to meet YOU!

We often have a variety of upcoming opportunities to perform so get in touch now!

Already a dancer? Perhaps you’d like to perform as a guest entertainer at our next gig! You can fill out the Performer Registration Form HERE!